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DevTo CLI on your terminal

      ~ $ 
      ~ $ 
      ~ $ 
      ~ $ 
      ~ $ 
      ~ $ 


          $ npm install devtocli -g
          $ devto

Top Posts

Get top post from feed in your terminal using:


Latest Posts

You can also see the most latest posts on using:

devto latest

Posts by Author

You can check 5 most recents posts of author using:

devto author sarthology

Posts by Timeline

You can check top posts on by time frame using:

devto top week

Options are week month year infinity or just to see options just type:

devto top

Posts by Tag

Easy post search using the tag, you can use:

devto tag javascript

or if you don't know the keyword, you can use the search tag feauture using:

devto tag

Posts by Keyword

Use the powerful search feature to find posts using keyword:

devto search sarthology